Citadel Application Process

One of the major challenges for making the Citadel a reality instead of remaining a dream is the ability to:

  • Help make it affordable for Patriots to move in with little money down
  • Keep costs competitive or cheaper than equal housing costs elsewhere across the country
  • Get rid of the banks' ridiculous 20% deposit rule, then,
  • Make sure our residents can find work!

We've succeeded!

The process for becoming a resident of the Citadel:

Step One: Read the Patriot Agreement and if you can agree to the voluntary terms of living with your fellow Patriots, continue to Step Two.

Step Two: Fill out the Application Form and submit the application/reservation fee. If your application is not accepted, your application/reservation fee will be refunded (minus a $33 administrative fee). If you are offered residence, the full deposit will apply to your lease! The application/reservation fee is $208 and may be paid via PayPal, FRNs (check or Money Order) or a combination of Gold and/or Silver US Eagles (Silver or Gold Eagles ONLY -- no 90% coins).

Step Three: You will be contacted by a Citadel Representative to complete the application process. This consists of collecting additional information.

Step Four: You and each adult intending to live with you in the Citadel must be available for an interview by Skype.

Step Five: You and each adult intending to live with you in the Citadel must be available for a personal interview. This personal interview may happen in Idaho at the site of the Citadel (if you are able to make the journey) or a Citadel Representative will schedule a weekend of meetings in your region at a major hotel to meet with several candidates over the weekend.

Step Six: You will be informed if your application has been approved or denied somewhere between 120-180 days after submitting your application.

Step Seven: Once you have been approved for residency in the Citadel, you will begin paying a simple $50 monthly payment that will be used to secure the final Citadel location and begin building your home based on Citadel timeline. You will continue to make the monthly payment until Citadel construction teams have finished construction of your home and it is ready for your completion of interior, et cetera, at which point you will begin to pay your entire lease amount. Once approved for residency, you must finalize the details of your custom home, including square footage, lot size, et cetera. All lease monies you submit once you have been approved will be deposited into an escrow account controlled by an Idaho Attorney.


We hope to acquire our final destination for the Citadel in 2013/2014, and break ground shortly after.


Refund Policy

When you submit your $208 Application/Reservation payment, you are reserving your place in line and that place in line is secured for you and/or your family. It becomes unavailable for anyone else. Therefore, if you change your mind about living in the Citadel, you will not be refunded your application fee after 30 days of submission, for you have prevented another applicant from having that place in line. As stated, you will be refunded, less administrative fee, if you are declined residency by the Citadel. But simply changing your mind after 30 days does not entitle you to a refund.

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Citadel Concept

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