Citadel: Frequently Asked Questions




What is the Goal of the III Citadel Project?

  1. To provide a community for like-minded Patriots to live in Thomas Jefferson's Rightful Liberty
  2. To be removed and protected from peril in order to preserve ourselves, our posterity, and Liberty in the event of a national economic implosion
  3. To live a free/freer life in Idaho (or elsewhere in the American Redoubt) amongst the current strong, self-reliant and Liberty-loving residents of the region

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Who Started This Project?

This project began as an idea in the Patriot Blogosphere in early 2012. Since its inception, scores of Liberty-loving individuals have contributed their time, their expertise, and their financial support to make this idea become reality.

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Who is the Leader?

There is no person who can claim the title, "Leader" of the Citadel, nor will there be. The only "Leader" we have is the ideal of Jefferson's Rightful Liberty.

There are, however, motivated individuals who have accepted responsibility for various aspects of the project. This is a consensus effort by a dedicated group of individuals working toward a common goal. These people are not locked into their positions.There will be openings to new volunteers as the project evolves.

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Where does the money go?

At the moment the Citadel Project is accepting only Application/Reservation Fees ($208). All Application/Reservation Fees will ultimately be deposited into a Citadel business bank account, after clearing PayPal and other servicers. At present the Citadel Project continues to advance without any paid employees. All of the work being done is performed by many volunteers who are motivated to help the project succeed. This money will be used to cover the costs of the application process by the responsible members of the project. As explained elsewhere, Applicants who are accepted into the Citadel will have the entire Application/Reservation Fee credited to their Lease Agreement, and Applicants who are declined will be refunded the Fee in full, except for a $33 Administrative Fee.

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What is The Citadel?

The Citadel is a developing community of Patriots, currently evolving in the mountains of Idaho. We believe in Jefferson's Rightful Liberty and have chosen to live amongst one another, have sworn our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor to defend one another and Liberty.

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Citadel Definition

  1. A fortress in a commanding position in or near a city.
  2. Any strongly fortified building or place of safety; refuge
  3. A gated and walled community in the style of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany. (

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Layout of the Community

At the moment, the Citadel intends to purchase between 2,000 and 3,000 acres. Of that, 640-1,280 acres are to be walled-in (minimum one square mile). Plot sizes for the leases inside the walls will be no more than 1 acre for home sites, and larger lots will be available outside the walls.

Inside the walls will be more urban/city/town, and outside the walls will be more rural/farmland.

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Private vs. Public

One of the primary reasons for a lease paradigm versus private property inside the walls is our desire to make the community for Patriots only.

The model will be similar in many ways to that of Disneyland. It is walled, gated, private property with controlled access. People pay to enter and agree to the rules because they see value in doing so. It is all based on a voluntary agreement between the owners of the property and those who want to come inside. Millions of people visit Disneyland and interact peacefully. It's exceptionally rare to hear of any serious problems. The key is that those people want to be there and understand what is expected of them. Surprisingly similar to what we are doing.

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What is Jefferson's Rightful Liberty?

"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others."
~ Thomas Jefferson

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Why Idaho?

We polled our fellow Patriots about good locations to direct our initial focus for our Pioneer Project, what The Citadel was referred to at that point. We ultimately chose Idaho as that the place to initially consider putting down our roots. There are many reasons why Idaho came up the winner: Population density. Lines of drift in regards to population migration if TSHTF. Land availability in the acreage we're going to need to complete The Citadel project. The growing trend of the state of Idaho actively recruiting firearms-related businesses. Mr. Rawles of Survival Blog dubbed the area the "American Redoubt" and considers it a great area for a free people to live. Moderate climate. Amazing agricultural diversity. Large selection of natural resources. Great hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventures. It is populated with solidly independent and intelligently freedom-oriented people. State and local governments are pre-disposed to Constitutional Liberty and strongly supportive of Second-Amendment Rights. All-around, a great place to settle down and carve out the American Dream for you and your family. When you add them all up, it's hard to imagine a better location.

Also see:

  1. Here's what Free State Project had to say about Idaho.
  2. Here's what James Wesley, Rawles of SurvivalBlog has to say about the region he calls "The American Redoubt."

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Where Exactly Is The Citadel?

At this time we are still in the process of determining exactly where the Citadel will be built. We have tentatively chosen the state of Idaho and are particularly interested in Benewah County, but we are still considering a number of other options for the actual site. Families that reserve homes in the Citadel Community must understand that while the final location remains undetermined, the Citadel will be located in the mountainous American Redoubt.

We have purchased 20 mountaintop acres in Benewah County. This will become the initial factory location for our firearms company and will be developed into a Showcase for the larger Citadel concept. Improvements to the mountaintop Showcase property will begin in the Spring/Summer of 2013. We have been calling this property our Beachhead.

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What About the Idaho Weather/Growing Season?

Idaho is a large state with many diverse climates within its borders. There are four distinct seasons in northern Idaho. The northern part of Idaho where we are considering locating the Citadel has more precipitation and milder winter temperatures than in the neighboring plains states since the Idaho panhandle is primarily influenced by the Pacific Ocean's weather patterns.

Growing seasons are going to be shorter in the northern portion of the state, and it is not unusual for each area to have microclimates within the more general climate. The frost free growing season is about 90 to 150 days in the valleys and 60 to 90 days in the mountains.

Anyone serious about gardening should consider using green houses and hoop houses to extend their growing season.

Head over to VisitIdaho.Org for more climate information.

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Who Can Join the III Citadel Project?

We are looking for fellow Patriots who will follow the ideal of Rightful Liberty. In order to join the Citadel Community, you must agree to our Patriot Agreement.

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Who Can Live In the Citadel?

First, look over our Patriot Agreement. If you can agree to those standards, submit your application.

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Who Can Live Outside the Citadel?

The Citadel's property will extend beyond the walls, but beyond the property line is still Idaho (or whichever state in which we settle). The land not owned by the Citadel is free for any person to purchase or live upon, within the laws of the United States.

In practice, like-minded individuals and families will choose to settle the surrounding areas because they are drawn toward our ideals and our goals. The corridor between the Citadel and the nearest town or highway will become prime real estate.

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What Kind of People Are You Looking For?

We are looking for highly motivated Patriotic people who are willing to relocate to the American Redoubt. We are looking for people who wish to live both within, and beyond the walls of the Citadel. We are looking for people who will live their lives according to Jefferson's Rightful Liberty.

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What About Racial Diversity?

Rightful Liberty knows no racial barriers. We care not from which part of the globe you or your ancestors originated. We care only that you adhere to the Patriot Agreement.

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What About Religion?

Rightful Liberty knows no religious barriers.

Space will be limited within the walls of the Citadel for building houses of worship. There will be plenty of space outside the walls.

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What Threats Do You Expect to Defend Against?

The Citadel is primarily designed to defend against a grid-down, economic collapse scenario. When most people ask this question they are thinking in terms of defending against violent action but there are other aspects to defending ourselves. Self-sufficiency in terms of food, water and energy are also a form of defense against a collapse scenario, so these are a major part of our plan.

The Citadel is not designed to withstand any direct .Mil or .Gov attack. Nor is the Citadel, in any manner, attempting to provoke any government entity.

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How Do You Expect to Fund Such an Endeavor?

The III Arms Company, current facilities located in West Virginia, was founded to act as the economic cornerstone of the Citadel. Forty-plus American Patriots pulled together to get this company off the ground to serve two purposes: To build solid fighting arms to defend Liberty and our fellow Patriots, and to raise revenue to build the Citadel.

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What About Employment for the Residents?

There will be some initial jobs with III Arms Company offered. Those employees will need locally provided goods and services, creating some additional opportunities.

Other businesses will be developed either by the Citadel or by individual Patriots as families move to the Citadel and entrepreneurial opportunities arise. We want to attract people who will provide local goods and services as well as those that have or will create markets outside of the Citadel. Businesses with markets outside of the Citadel will be vital to creating a robust local economy. Of special interest will be businesses that promote local self-sufficiency as part of our goal to be able to survive an economic collapse.

For more information, see our blog page: Entrepreneurs and Businesses

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Who is Funding This Project?

The III Arms Company was founded to fund the Citadel. Also many Patriots who have no intention of living within the Citadel Community have supported it. In fact, a farmer in the Midwest donated a sizable sum of money to help make this project come to fruition. This individual has no intent of ever living in the Citadel, but sees the benefit it embodies for Liberty.

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Can I Help Fund This Project?

Yes! The best way to help the Citadel Project is to apply for a lease as soon as the process begins (Mid-December 2012) or head over to and buy one of our great ARs or 1911s!

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Where Can I Find The Patriot Agreement?

You can find the Patriot Agreement HERE

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How Can I Apply to Live at the Citadel?

Look here to find out about the application process.

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Are People Actually Moving to The Citadel?

We have already purchased 20 acres in Benewah County where we will build the first III Arms factory beginning next spring as well as a small Showcase for the Citadel, much like a Model Home in a new housing development. A few of our first Citadel Pioneers will move to the site probably next spring/summer, working at the factory and helping build the Showcase which will include model condos, model homes, a scaled version of the wall, et cetera. In fact, we are seriously considering the purchase of another 60 or 80 acres in this location so people can get a genuine "feel" for what the Citadel will be when finished.

What happens to the original land purchase in Benewah County if we end up locating elsewhere? It will probably remain under our control as an Outpost, or we can sell it, complete with improvements, to a deserving Patriot.

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Are You a Bunch of Wackos/Cultists/Racists... etc.?

Actually, quite the opposite. Rightful Liberty is a very tolerant, live-and-let-live philosophy. We stand fully against extremists and all prejudicial philosophies. Those types of people would not be comfortable around us.

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Will You Be Doing Anything Illegal?

Absolutely not. We will abide by all Constitutional federal and state laws. As a matter of fact, we will make it clear to anyone who wants to live in the Citadel Community that we expect everyone to obey the law. The Citadel is a community designed to withstand natural disasters such as Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina as well as man-made catastrophes such as an economic collapse.

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Won't The Federal Government or Military Simply Blow Up Your Town?

Why would they? We are a law-abiding group of people minding our own business. We are conducting our affairs in an open and transparent manner. The Citadel Community is designed to be a safe haven and a major tourist destination. The U.S. Government does not make a habit of blowing up law abiding citizens and tourists on American soil.

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Are There Other Citadels?

At this time, there are no other "Citadels." If you are interested in modeling a community after our Citadel, please contact us at It is our desire not to be the only community modeled under Jefferson's Rightful Liberty, but to be the first of many.

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Why Do You Think You Will Succeed Where Others Have Failed?

An effort such as this can have philosophical, social, economic, political and religious aspects that must be considered. Previous attempts have either ignored one or more of those aspects or not understood the consequences of the decisions that were made that affect them.

Our effort is based on Rightful Liberty which, as a live-and-let-live philosophy, makes us good neighbors. We feel no need to convert anyone to our way of thinking or try to control anyone else's behavior, except to the extent needed to defend our Rightful Liberty. We have a base economic engine for the Citadel in the form of the III Arms Company that should provide initial financial support. We have the Patriot Agreement, a contract that clearly spells out our expectations of one another. We believe in the rule of law and have no interest in creating conflict with anyone. We will be an open community that encourages visitors and tourists. Most importantly, our efforts are based on voluntary action and voluntary association.

These factors should let us build a physical and social structure that will let us pursue our goal of a sustainable and defensible living space without the usual negative reactions that efforts like this often create.

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What is / Who are the III?

At no time during the American Revolution did Colonial forces in the field rise to more than 3% of the population.

John Parker was the original III Patriot when he took to the Green in Lexington on April 19, 1775 to stand against tyranny. Many modern III Patriots believe that defending the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and restoring the ideals of these Founding Documents to prominence in America, is our sacred duty.

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When Will You Start Approving Applicants?

We will start accepting applications mid December 2012. An applicant should expect a 120- to 180-day approval process.

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How Can I Learn More?

III Citadel Website

III Citadel Blog

III Citadel Facebook

III Citadel Forum: Under Construction

III Arms Website

III Arms Blog

III Arms Facebook

III Arms Twitter


Refund Policy

When you submit your $208 Application/Reservation payment, you are reserving your place in line and that place in line is secured for you and/or your family. It becomes unavailable for anyone else. Therefore, if you change your mind about living in the Citadel, you will not be refunded your application fee after 30 days of submission, for you have prevented another applicant from having that place in line. As stated, you will be refunded, less administrative fee, if you are declined residency by the Citadel. But simply changing your mind after 30 days does not entitle you to a refund.