Citadel: Location

Our first choice for the location of the Citadel is Benewah County, Idaho. We are confident that the county is an ideal fit offering low population density and, importantly, a shared world-view with most of its Liberty-minded residents: independence, self-sufficiency, and patriotism.

The job opportunities and array of industries that will come with our Citadel project should be sufficient to put the entire county to work thereby eliminating unemployment and reducing the existing double-digit poverty level to zero.

The county is spectacularly beautiful and perfectly suited for our project goals. In fact, the Citadel has already purchased 20 acres atop a mountain in Benewah County that we call our Beachhead, and is considering a larger contiguous purchase. On our beachhead we intend to build a Showcase for the Citadel, complete with a scaled Curtain Wall, condos, houses, the initial factory for III Arms Company, and more. The Beachhead will serve much the same purpose as Model Homes in a community of new homes in any suburb! It is our hope that the residents of Benewah County will quickly learn that our intent is to be an asset to their lives, not an intrusion.

There are several counties in Idaho that will work equally well for the Citadel Project if Benewah County fails to offer our Citadel Team suitable incentives. While every effort and intention is to build in Benewah County, the Citadel Project reserves the right to select a final location with similar terrain in other Idaho counties or, if necessary, in Montana, Wyoming or elsewhere in the American Redoubt.

Applicants must understand this dynamic aspect when reserving space in the Citadel. However, we remain confident that Benewah County is a highly compatible fit both for the Citadel and the county.

Benewah County, Idaho