The Citadel : Refund Policy

Any Application/Reservation fee submitted to the Citadel Project for residency consideration will be refunded, in full, for any reason within 30 days of submission.

Subsequent to the 30 day period, refunds will be granted to those applicants who are denied residency in the upcoming Citadel Project, less a $33 processing and administrative fee.

No other refunds will be awarded for any applicant who fails to complete the process in good faith or otherwise decides to withdraw from consideration.


When you submit your $208 Application/Reservation payment, you are reserving your place in line and that place in line is secured for you and/or your family. It becomes unavailable for anyone else. Therefore, if you change your mind about living in the Citadel, you will not be refunded your application fee after 30 days of submission, for you have prevented another applicant from having that place in line. As stated, you will be refunded, less administrative fee, if you are declined residency by the Citadel. But simply changing your mind after 30 days does not entitle you to a refund.