Citadel: Revenue

III Arms CompanySurvival of the Citadel Community depends on making employment available for arriving families. We have already launched III Arms, a modern firearms company that will help employ the first wave of III Pioneers. III Arms is also unique in the world of firearms companies in that all profits generated are donated to the Citadel to help build our community.

Many entrepreneurs have already stepped forward and announced their intent to start small businesses that will employ Citadel Pioneers and existing Benewah County residents.

Additionally, the Citadel intends to become a premiere tourist destination for Americans from sea-to-sea and border-to-border. Not only will tourists travel to see the only real fortified castle & town in America, we intend to offer numerous attractions including a firearms museum where enthusiasts actually get to fire their favorite arms from history!

When tourists choose to stay at the Citadel for a while they may also take advantage of our RV parks, quaint and comfortable bed & breakfast establishments, or high-end hotels. The panhandle of Idaho is renowned for its scenic beauty, notably rugged mountains and rolling hills. It is among one of America's most superbly beautiful landscapes. Whatever the season, you will find numerous recreational activities. Indulge in boating and other forms of water sports. Enjoy world-class fishing on Lake Coeur d'Alene or on many other lakes, rivers, and high-mountain streams. There are trails for hiking, picturesque paths for strolling, as well as places ideal for biking or horseback riding. The Idaho panhandle has also earned a stellar reputation for champion hunting and deluxe skiing!

We are considering a boarding school to educate the next generation of patriotic American children. We intend to put together one of the finest, most comprehensive libraries in the nation. And, we also plan to build a complete museum dedicated to our Founding Fathers and the ideals they espoused. Additionally, we plan on forming our own bank that will issue Citadel coins in silver and gold.

Citadel Features

III Arms Factory
Curtain Walls & Towers, Main Gate
John Parker Town Green
Town Hall
Community Armory
Citadel Firearms Museum
Town Center - Retail/Commercial
Farmer's Market
Medical Center
Retirement Facility
Citadel Schools/Boarding School
Tourist Visitor Center
Firearms/Archery Ranges
Sports Fields
III Bank
Power/Biomass/Water Plant
Underground Shelter
Post Office
Fire House
Grounds Building
Walking Trails
Outdoor Pavilions/Amphitheatre
Command & Control Center
Media Center
Shuttle System/Parking Center